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To order Email me at ausylady@gmail.com or shutterbugrbl@gmail.com with IMG_#### and show info, Date & class, size of images and I will send you a quote. I am currently working on: As of 1/4/2017 these are the statuses of the following events. Please email me if you need any previous events posted of your dog if you do not see them.

10/28-30/2016 - TDTC AKC Obedience & Rally - Orders are processed complete & all are mailed.

11/12-13/2016 - MASCUSA AKC Agility @ K9 Manners -Orders are being processed est. completed & all but 4 have been mailed. 

11/19-20/2016 - CDST UKC Agility - Orders are being processed.  Holiday and illness have led to delays thank you for your patience.

12/3-4/2016 - MASCUSA AKC Mini American Specialty Conformation and Rally / Obedience - Orders will be in process immediately following mailing of CDST UKC Agility some are uploaded on the site now.

I also work 40+ hrs a week to support my photography habit... I have been very busy (good thing) and for the last week have been ill (bad thing) I am very sorry for any delay and will have your photos to you as soon as possible.   Any other orders rec'd November to the beginning of December are being processed also.


**NOTE** If you see an event above that says orders completed and you do not have your photos from that event (AND YOU ORDERED ANY DAY DURING THE EVENT) please let me know. I process orders in the order that I receive them unless expedited processing was purchased. If you want your dog posted please email me shutterbugrbl@gmail.com with your dogs information (breed/description, date, class, what handler looks like/ color clothes.) My current turn around time is 3 to 5 weeks on average for processing orders sometimes longer (Holiday weeks not included & depending on workload) in some cases, shorter in others, sorry for the delay. Thank you for your patience.

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